Senior Consultant/coach

Individual and team coaching of a global management team in  a context of globalization
VCST , Volvo Cars Sint-Truiden        (companies in Belgium, Mexico, Germany, China, Romania)


Senior Consultant/Coach

Development centers for the Global Management Team of  ‘CREATE’,  global innovation community within  Janssen Pharmaceutica, part of the  Johnson & Johnson Group


Senior Coach

Team coaching and process guidance, supporting start up of the European Partners Council  GIMV, European Investment Fund


Senior Coach

Sales training for the Sales Team of Belisol Kempen


Senior Consultant/Coach

Development and  coaching activities for Directors and managers
COLRUYT, Belgian Retail Company  ( + 25.000 people)


Senior trainer

MBTI Training sessions , team & individual VCST, GIMV, COLRUYT, BELISOL, ELECTROLUX, VF Europe…


Senior Trainer/Coach

Development and  coaching activities for HR Business Partners (Italians, Russian, Polish, German, Swedish)

ELECTROLUX  (visits to Italy & Poland), VF Europe (visits to Switzerland) in association with Menzenco.